A gardener's insight...

When it comes to your garden, theres nothing more enjoyable then stepping into a variety of colour and textures. Not to forget the satisfaction of having planted and nurtured everything to just the way you wanted it.


Having spent the winter eagerly waiting for the weather to warm up , snow to melt, rain to stop, now its time to get out there. Time to start looking at adding, replacing and dividing.....and not to mention the least favorite...weeding. But no matter how much work there seems to be, the end result always seems to justify the work. Watering, fertilizing and pruning all your plants to make them look spectacular is somewhat theraputic, once your finished.

With that in mind, ive decide to create this website as an ongoing library of plants and shrubs that i enjoy. Plants and shrubs that i've always loved and had the great oppurtunity to watch thrive in my garden.

This list includes :
  • Hosta's ;These¬†plants are a perennial favorite among gardeners
  • Daylillie's ;their flowers come in many colors, shades, and color combinations.
  • Iris's ; known to attract butterflies and hummingbirds and make lovely cut¬†flowers.
  • Groundcover's ; Great for filling in areas with abundance of colour.

When it comes to Gardening there really isnt any way to go wrong, as long as plants are planted correctly, watered and looked after....usually your good to go.

" But no matter how much work there seems to be, the end result always seems to justify the work. " - THE GARDENER

Alot of landscapers and gardeners in my neck of the woods like to go with the easy solution of planting spruces, junipers and spirea's. Whilst this is perfectly alright if you are looking for the mostly one colour, all year round full look, i find it to be a very safe, boring option.

Planting up a garden with annuals and perennials, amongst a varying colour of different shrubs, i find to give so much more pleasure and visual appeal. Yes, it might be more work in the spring and fall, when you have to replant annuals or do fall cleanup....but what a difference from an all green all year round garden.